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Article provided by: RE/MAX Commercial Group

Realtors In Pasadena Tx

Realtors In Pasadena Tx

Commercial Space Houston has expert realtors who will meet the needs, operationally and financially of anyone, buyers or tenants, in the Pasadena area who requests our services. There are 4 steps to our process; identify, analyze, qualify and contract. To make things easier for the client we will handle the architects, real estate attorneys, moving company, commercial lender and construction company. Let Commercial Space Houston help you navigate the real estate game in Pasadena.

• Research Local Housing Market in Person

Never rely solely on internet research, especially when it comes to real estate. Scour your neighborhood for real estate agent names on ‘for sale’ signs. If you see a ‘sold’ sign, write down the agent’s name and phone number.

• Talk to Agent at Open House

Start attending open houses so you can meet local agents face to face. Pay attention to how the agent interacts with potential buyers. Talk to the real estate agent yourself and determine what kind of chemistry you have, personally and professionally.

• Compare Online

After collecting some names, read what other customers have to say about the agents. Pay attention to how that realtor handles negative reviews.

• Referrals

One of the easiest ways to find a real estate agent is to get referrals from your family and friends. A lot of sellers find a real estate agent from a personal referral.

• Meet at least 3

Meet at least 3 of our agents before making your choice. The realtors at Commercial Space Houston are more than happy to meet in person before you commit. Ask each agent the same questions. Later compare and contrast their answers and make your choice.

• Ask Questions

Commercial Space Houston realtors have nothing to hide. Do not hesitate to ask any questions. Here are some questions you should ask; 1. How long have you been working in real estate? 2. Do you primarily work with buyers or sellers?  3. How many active clients do you have at a time?  4. Are you part of a team?  5. What’s your specialty?  6. Are you equipped to handle my unique situation?  7. How will you market my home? 8. Can you put me in contact with some references?

• Communication Preference

Be sure to hire an agent that will respect your communication preferences. Ask the agent how you will find out how things are going and how often you will get updates.

• Selling Motivation

Be honest about your selling motivations. Discuss things such as a timeline, your bottom dollar and avoiding capital gains taxes.

• Discuss Strategy and Showings

Be sure to agree on things such as conducting open houses. Agree on the number of showings. Ask how far in advance you will be told about showings. Find out how your agent will market the property.

• Agree in Writing

Put the following agreements in writing; commission structure, list price and length of contract. Be clear about what will happen if your property is not sold in time.

For more information about the realtors at Commercial Space Houston call 832.560.2100 or email us at

Realtors In Pasadena Tx
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Realtors In Pasadena Tx